[nos-bbs] linFBB outgoing compressed fwd to JNOS - a discovery

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Feb 10 15:38:27 EST 2015

> Since I'm not familiar with FBB, can you elaborate on how the linFBB "N"
> setting below correlates with the JNOS mbox fbb setting ? ...

In short I don't know, I'm playing around, and probably I should have
waiting before posting all this crap on the list and just confuse 
everyone. I don't see the N having anything to do with FBB level.

> Also, pardon my ignorance.  But isn't there some sort of negotiation of the
> protocol based on the capabilities of each end?

For the FBB yes, but the N seems to define how the compression internally
works to me. I'm confused, I should stop now. All I can say is that it 
seems the use of N 1 alluviates the original problem I had from remote
systems. I'm actually trying to figure this out via code, but it's in
french so that makes it a bit difficult to figure out in 5 minutes.

Sorry guys, here I go again :)


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