[nos-bbs] oldbid

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Mon Sep 22 10:49:49 EDT 2014

I've been using "oldbid 24 60" to keep history for 60 days.  My
spool/history file is around 1400 lines long.


Yesterday, a forwarding partner started sending me bulletins from back in
May.  So I figured I should increase the history from 60 days to some longer
value, which would have caused me to refuse those old bulletins.  But the
longer the history time, the longer the history file and, at some point, I
presume a noticeable performance penalty starts to emerge.


So, what do you guys use for your oldbid values?  Does keeping a year's
worth of history make sense?  If not, why not?


Thanks much,



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