[nos-bbs] ? match in rewrite

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Fri Sep 19 12:47:42 EDT 2014

The rewrite file permits matching of wildcards:   ? (single character), *
(zero or more characters), and + (one or more characters) 


But according to the docs (lines 4914 & 4915 of JNOS2-MAN.txt) and confirmed
by experimentation, only the * and + can be referenced on the right-side
with a $#.  Without the ability to reference the ? match, I don't see its
usefulness except to drop a character.


For example:


abc*def               abc$1def             works

abc+def               abc$1def             works


abc?def                abc$1def             does not work


It sure would be helpful if this worked.  I have lots of uses for matching
exactly a single character or exactly 2 or 3 characters.  For example:


abc???def           abc$1$2$3def


Does anyone know of a reason why the ? match cannot be referenced with $#
(other than someone just didn't code it)?




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