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Don Moore ve3zda at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 13:12:04 EDT 2014

I'm getting mail ok in jnos but anything that comes to ve3zda is putting
smtp into a cycle that it cannot get out of .  It's as though jnos does not
know itself.  I've made many checks of the rewrite file and see absolutely
no errors in there.  The only way for me to get out of the problem short of
forcing a jnos restart is to stop smtp, kill the smtp number then restart
smtp.  Others are also having this problem and in each of those cases we
are not using the most current version of jnos even though at one point we
were and that has made no difference.  Messages arriving to anyone else is
processed just fine.

73, Don

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 12:18 PM, Gustavo Ponza <g.ponza at tin.it> wrote:

> Just arrived here from VE3CGH another type E!
> One or more softwares in the R-lines below is
> the cause of that bad formatting.
> gus / i0ojj
> From vk4wit%ve3cgh at i0ojj.ampr.org Tue Sep 16 16:10:25 2014
> Received: from i0ojj.ampr.org by i0ojj.ampr.org (JNOS2.0j.6r) with SMTP
>     id AA152688 ; Tue, 16 Sep 2014 16:10:25 +0200
> Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 16:10:25 +0200
> Message-Id: <5004_vk4wit at ve3cgh.bbs>
> From: vk4wit%ve3cgh.bbs at i0ojj.ampr.org
> To: qnews at vknet
> Subject: Townsville Amateur Radio Club Weekly Digest 16092014
> X-BBS-Msg-Type: E
> X-JNOS-User-Port: Telnet   (ve3cgh @  -> Sending message
> X-Forwarded-To: i0ojj
> R:140916/1354Z @:VE2JOS.#MTL.QC.CAN.NOAM #:9505 [Montreal] $:5004_VK4WIT
> R:140916/1328Z @:VK2DOT.CC.NSW.AUS.OC [Niagara] #:34100 XSERV500f
> R:140916/1328Z @:VK4TUB.#NQ.QLD.AUS.OC #:25426 [Townsville Qld Oz]
> R:140916/1327Z @:VK4WIT.#NQ.QLD.AUS.OC #:5004 [Townsville Qld Oz]
> $:5004_VK4WIT
> To  : QNEWS at VKNET
> <snip>
> On 09/16/2014 02:27 AM, Charles Hargrove wrote:
>> Since this problem with "X-BBS-Msg-Type: E" messages became an issue a few
>> weeks ago, I have been doing some research of the various FBB bulletin
>> types
>> and how JNOS deals with it.  With the help of Ted, VE3CGH, we seem to
>> have it
>> narrowed down to a simple procedure.
>> If you have "mbox fbb 3" in your autoexec.nos file, create an "mbox nob2f"
>> entry for each callsign that you forward with.  The only time that you
>> would
>> not do this is if you have WL2K in your forward.bbs file.  The reason is
>> that
>> if you negotiate B2F with someone, it says that you will send or receive a
>> bulletin that is compressed and encapsulated as this is the normal Winlink
>> protocol.  What seems to happen is that you will receive the bulletin,
>> strip
>> off any field after the @ and then add the from data of the station that
>> sent
>> you the message.  If the original message came from g4apl at gb7cip and it
>> is
>> being forwarded to me by f8coj at f8coj, then my system strips off the
>> gb7cip
>> and changes the from address to g4apl at f8coj.bbs!  This will definitely
>> cause
>> any SR on my end to attempt to send the message to the wrong BBS.  Also,
>> there are other downstream BBS stations that don't like "X-BBS-Msg-Type:
>> E".
>> Since Ted and I made the changes, the problem goes away.  I have also
>> passed
>> the word to other forwarding partners of mine, that were attempting to
>> pass
>> a bulletin with B2F enabled, to also make the changes on their system.
>> Let's
>> see if this solves it for everyone.
>> --
>> Charles J. Hargrove - N2NOV
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cheers, Don
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