[nos-bbs] Raspberry Pi Raspbian Legacy PTYs

Jose Ng Lee hp2cwb at cwpanama.net
Fri Jan 24 10:12:51 EST 2014

Many Thanks Bob,

I will try the socat method.

Thanks for the link to LINBPQ.  Good to read how things are done differently.

73s Jose / HP2AT
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  Several people tried to get it working by adding it
  to the kernel boot line in the startup script without any success.
  It doesn't seems to be compiled in according to the rumours.

  You can create legacy devices in user space with the "socat" package
  and play with that.
  You can give them whatever names you want,
  So instead of com11 ttys1  and com10 ptys1 in the example below to keep 
  the more familiar linux device names.
  This is from G8BPQ's page at:


  socat -d -d -ly pty,raw,echo=0,link=com10 pty,raw,echo=0,link=com11&
  sleep 1
  chmod a+rw com11
  kissattach com10 bpq


  Bob VE3TOK

  On 14-01-22 04:52 PM, Jose Ng Lee wrote:

    Does anyone knows how to turn on the Legacy PTYs on a Raspbian?

    On my full size PC with Ubuntu I added a line in Grub and does it.  I don't know how to do it in Raspbian.

    I bought a Raspberry Pi and burn the image of F6BVP into the SD card and got FBB, FPAC, and DXSpider setup OK.

    Uploaded the Jnos 2.0j sources to the Pi and compiled OK the executable jnos.  At the moment playing with the Pi with no radio ports and only through Internet.

    I want to setup an internal link for Jnos to Fbb to communicate.

    On my running Jnos on Ubuntu PC, I setup:

    Linux side: 
    /usr/sbin/kissattach /dev/ptypf lan

    Jnos side:

    attach asy ttypf - ax25 lan 1500 1024 115200

    With no Legacy PTYs enable, I tried the new JNOSPTY98 but kind of confusing:

    Linux side:

    /usr/local/sbin/kissattach /dev/ptmx lan  > /jnos/spool/ptmx_lan.cfg
    /bin/sleep 4

    Jnos side:
    attach asy ptmx_lan - ax25 lan 1500 1024 115200

    I hope to be able to turn on the Legacy PTYs on the Pi so can do it the old fashion way.  Also, trying with the new UNIX98 to make the Linux on FBB and Jnos to use the same radio port is confusing.

    73s Jose / HP2AT


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