[nos-bbs] JNOS crash every hour or so.

Wm Lewis thunderft at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 19 19:10:55 EST 2014

Well, the latest round of JNOS crashes all give a common error.


About every hour or so (more so during message forwards) my JNOS will crash and the error on the screen always starts with " *** glibc detected *** " Most also reference a "double-linked"


Here are the last three I caught and wrote down.



*** glibc detected *** /jnos/jnos: corrupted double-link list: 0x0000000000ff0fb0 ***

*** glibc detected *** /jnos/jnos: malloc(): smallbin double linked list: 0x0000000000a87e60 ***

*** glibc detected *** /jnos/jnos: corrupted double-link list: 0x0000000001c6d390 ***


Anyone have a clue where I should begin looking ??


Bill Lewis / KG6BAJ

GVCITY node /
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