[nos-bbs] Amprnet gateways

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 00:25:17 EST 2014

Just a reminder that amprnet gateways have to be registered nowadays
with portal.ampr.org  what is reachable from Internet.

Brian Kantor intends to remove unclaimed gateways (those with
no known owner/operator) from the encap.txt around the end of the
month. He published a list of those at the 44net gateway list.

The procedure for existing gateways with already an entry in the
encap.txt is:

Register with portal.ampr.org so that you have at least a password.
Inform Chris, G1FEF (portal owner) with your gateways Internet address
or dynamic host name
(like from dyn, etc) if you are dynamic and give also your amprnet
Chris will enter that but you have to be registered first.
This prevents that you entry will show up twice in the encap.txt if you
already there.

The link for G1FEF's E-mail address can be found at the portal.

Those who want to start a new gateway can also list their Internet or
dynamic host name and request
an amprnet subnet through the portal if they are registered.

There is a list for amprnet gateway operators at


Bob/Boudewijn VE3TOK

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