[nos-bbs] including original message in replies, comment text in forwards

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Tue Dec 16 11:11:34 EST 2014

> That's not necessarily how it works. You *can* enter a string of comma
> deliminated addresses on the original To: field. The SC adds a CC field
> also capable of comma delimited addresses. In the case of an ax25 frame
> where some emulations will NOT properly handle more than 80 Chars/line
> the additional prompt to fit all intended addresses is a good thing.
> It's also a failsafe for the human with the trigger-happy finger that
> hits enter by habit and is given another chance to re-enter an address
> they wanted to originally enter. Show me a human who's perfect and I'll
> show you a person with skewed vision.

O.K.  But if I understand your description correctly, then after you enter a
string of comma separated addresses, it would still respond with another cc:
prompt, asking if there are more, to which I'd have to respond with <return>
to indicate that I'm done with CC, right?  If so, then I'd still have an
extra prompt and an extra over-the-air exchange.

> I hope he includes a failsafe for those older emulations which
> auto-include ^M at 80 characters. Your design is fine for your specific
> needs. Not everyone runs a clone of your system.

1)  I didn't suggest everyone runs a clone of our system.
2)  It's not my design and it's not for my specific needs.  It's how modern
clients work (for the last 20 or so years) and an extra prompt slows
everyone down.

Let's not make this personal.

Which "older emulations" are a problem, specifically?  Is it too much to ask
those folks to use a current piece of client software, rather than slow
everyone else down?  Let's suggest whole-system solutions that move everyone
forward, not backward.  Or, at the very least, if the extra prompt were
configurable to turn it off, then it wouldn't drag everyone else backwards.

There are so many things that JNOS needs in order to bring it into the
modern world (understand UTF-8, MIME, informative non-delivery
notifications, etc.) so it can interact well with current SMTP systems.  I'd
just hate to see time spent going the other direction.


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