[nos-bbs] Telnet password management

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Dec 2 15:55:54 EST 2014

> It's a pretty common model.  But I'm not enough of a JNOS or linux
> expert to suggest precisely which components would be required and
> where.

It would be trivial to put in a stub that first checks via RADIUS, or
LDAP, or NIS, after all we just want to validate a user login, once it's
established, then JNOS could go ahead and 'create' the area like it does
for any local login or whatever.

I've been looking at this off and on, I'd like a single function that
has the ability to stub out to NIS, LDAP, or RADIUS, others ? Anyways,
I know about the request, just a matter of doing it :)


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