[nos-bbs] smtp issues

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Fri Aug 29 10:34:32 EDT 2014

It’s not clear what’s happening from the description below.  “… things go wild …” is not very precise.  Can you define the problem more clearly?


For example:

The original message/bulletin is addressed to latnet at ww?  (check the ###.txt file in spool/mqueue or your mail log)

You receive it as latnet at ww?  (Check your mail log)

It sits in your smtp queue (spool/mqueue) addressed to latnet at ww.ampr.org <mailto:latnet at ww.ampr.org>  until the delivery timeout period (“smtp dtimeout” in autoexec.nos)?

What rewrite rules do you have that would match latnet at ww?  Perhaps something like:

                *@*      $1@$2.ampr.org <mailto:$1@$2.ampr.org>         ???

Do you have a rule before that which would direct it to a bulletin area?  Perhaps something like:

                *@ww                  allww



Note:  It’s unlikely that you’re receiving it with SMTP addressed to latnet at ww.ampr.org <mailto:latnet at ww.ampr.org> .  That would mean either:

1)  DNS resolves ww.ampr.org to your IP address (which it does not – it’s current not listed), or

2)  The other station is attempting to use you as an open relay, usually for spamming purposes.  But with an address like latnet at ww, it’s probably a stray bulletin.  Plus, I think (but I’m not sure) that the JNOS default config is to NOT allow relay.






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In the last few days I've been watching things go wild and the only way to stop it is to stop smtp.

I'm being sent mail from other stations that eventually are ending up in the smtp queue.

For example, if a station smtp's a note to latnet at ww, smtp will attempt to send it to ww.ampr.org <http://ww.ampr.org> .

Does anyone know what/why that's going on?

I believe it to be the forwarding partner who is sending it in that format then jnos just tries to forward it on.  One of the stations is using euronode and another is jnos.

Is there  a cure for this?

cheers, Don

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