[nos-bbs] Bulletin flood handling

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sun Aug 10 02:20:29 EDT 2014

Thanks Gustavo.

So, to clarify:

Looking at the rewrite example, a bulletin addressed to "packet at ww" would end up in the packet area.  So would a bulletin addressed to just "packet". 

Therefore, if you forward the "packet" area to others, you're forwarding a mixture of bulletins with floods plus bulletins without floods.  Is that what you're doing?


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# Put all AX.25 (packet) incoming bulletin into the appropriate areas!
packet@* packet
pactor@* packet
# 'Dulcis in fundo': *everything* NOT MATCHING each of above 'areas'
# are re-addressed into the 'world' area (a kind of pot-pourri)!
*@* world

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