[nos-bbs] Crashing every 4 days?

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu Sep 12 13:58:46 EDT 2013

Don made me smile this morning :

> the devil is attempting to do something ...

That's a good one. I'm having a good chuckle on this one.

As Bob hinted a few days ago, the debugger is what needs to be
used to figure this out. That trace I saw has no meaning to me
since I don't know what IP interface JNOS is using and such.

If your JNOS is running already, then as root user, attach to it
using GDB (debugger). If you don't know how, then read the following
little blurb (from the linux command prompt on my jnos machine) :

   ve4klm at sith:~$ ps -ef | grep jnos

Which gives me the following :

   root     7667   114  0 Aug31 tty1  00:00:00 tail -f /jnos/logs/31Aug13
   root    12355     1  1 Sep07 tty3  01:09:53 ./jnos -i
   ve4klm  14844 14833  1 11:32 pts/1 00:00:00 grep jnos

Note the PID of my JNOS process will be 12355, so now I run GDB :

   gbd jnos 12355

At some point, you will get a (gdb) prompt. Enter the following :


It will now sit there waiting and waiting. When your JNOS crashes,
hopefully you will see some stuff about the crash, please send that
complete screen dump (scroll up if you have to get more of it) to
me (offlist please). It helps that your JNOS is compiled with the
debug option (-g) and you have NOT stripped your JNOS of debug

I hope that helps. There are online manuals and tutorials available
on the GDB command if you are not familiar with that.



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