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On 11/28/2013 11:40 PM, Wm Lewis wrote:
> Now, a couple of other issues.....
> First, I can't find my (very old) copy of a file that contained all 
> the parameters you could use in your 'startnos' file. I remember that 
> you could change the color of your status bar and lots of other stuf 
> depending on the variables you used.
> Does anyone have a list of the 'startnos' variables ?

Is this what you are looking for?

*Starting JNOS*

There are several command line options available when starting JNOS. 
These commands are used to set environment variables, select 
configuration and autoexec files, and other functions. Options should be 
separated by tabs or spaces. If there is an option argument, there 
should NOT be any whitespace between the option and the argument. The 
only option not preceded by '-' is the alternate startup file.

-aMaximum number of AXIP + AXUDP interfaces. This option is

available in JNOS 2.0 only, not previous versions.

-bUse direct video for the screen output.

-c#Set the number of COLUMNS on the screen to #.

-drootdirSet the root directory for the configuration file path. This is

overwritten by the file specified in the -f option config file.

-ePause after each error line in autoexec.nos

-fnos.cfgSet JNOS config file and path names as indicated in the 'nos.cfg'

file. This overrides the -d option.

-gnSet trace colors, when tracing to console (ANSI.SYS needed):

n=0 => none (default)

n=1 => tailor to gray-scale monitor

n=2 => tailor to color monitor

-ialways re-index mail files at startup

-Inever re-index mail files at startup (instead, test at 1^st access)

-lDo NOT delete .lck files in the mail and news subdirectories

-mnSet the default screen swap mode.

n = 0 Use EMS (If compiled and available.) The default

is that EMS is available

n = 2 Use memory. Default if NO EMS available.

n = 3 Use a temporary disk file

-nNo trace session

-r#Set the number of ROWS on the screen to #

-RMaximum number of IP routes that can have dynamic gateways. This

option is available in JNOS 2.0 only, not previous versions.

-ttrace 'autoexec.nos' file. You will be asked before each if you

want to execute it - 'y' accepts, anything else skips the line.

-u#Set the number of status lines, valid values are 0 to 3.

-vVerbose. Print each line from autoexec.nos before parsing.

-wf+bSet foreground/background colors for system status

default: white on magenta

-xf+bSet foreground/background colors for session status

default: white on blue

-yf+bSet foreground/background colors for 'main' window. default: the

system colors when JNOS starts (most often lightgray on black)

-zf+bSet foreground/background colors for 'split' window

default: white on green









autoexec.newName of the startup file. Default is 'autoexec.nos' or as

set with the '-fnos.cfg' option.

UNIX additions to the command-line arguments :

-Callow core files to be created following certain errors

-Ddisallow the interval timer...testing vestige from 1.09 JNOS

-Smgr:o Set default session manager to <mgr>, with options <o>

-Tmgr:oSet default trace session manager to <mgr>, with options <o>

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