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Wm Lewis thunderft at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 29 02:40:10 EST 2013

ok, its been a few days on the new server and JNOS has not had any panic restarts. 


Now, a couple of other issues.....


First, I can't find my (very old) copy of a file that contained all the parameters you could use in your 'startnos' file. I remember that you could change the color of your status bar and lots of other stuf depending on the variables you used. 


Does anyone have a list of the 'startnos' variables ?


Next, and more of an important issue, I'm having an issue with *some* of my NetRom links.


I have both 44.x.x.x address links, and non-44 address links (ie; commercial IP address links)


My netrom with all 44.x.x.x links works great.


My netrom with commercial ip address links do not work. 


I can AX25 connect to those stations
I can *NOT* netrom connect to them 
I receive nodes broadcasts from them
They appear to *NOT* receive nodes broadcast from me

On those links we use UDP port 10093 to link. 

I have firewall rules to allow both *IN* and *OUT* passing of UDP/10093 *from any* and *to any*


If anyone has an idea as to why 44.x.x.x links work with netrom, and why commercial address links do not work with netrom, please give me your thoughts and suggestions.






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