[nos-bbs] RIP woes

Michael E. Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Wed Nov 6 12:11:28 EST 2013

I think I found the problem.  It's an error in the code.


I did a grep for the "is not ipip" that rip trace was reporting.  I found
the line in rip.c


The comments are from Maiko.  One comment mentions taking only IPIP routes
for now.  The code looks for the route tag to be 4 and, if not, ignores the
route.  So it looks like standard RIP (with route tag = 0) is being
intentionally ignored.


The second comment mentions a problem with routes being received which have
no tag and mentions the use of "IGNORE_RIP_TAG".  But there is no such value
in config.h.


Having "no tag" would be an improperly formatted packet.  But a tag of 0 is
standard.  So maybe the problem simply wasn't described properly.  Anyway, I
added a line "#define IGNORE_RIP_TAG" to config.h and rebuilt.  Voila.  It
now receives the route and puts it in the routing table.


So, Maiko:  


If you add the following line to config.h, the system should behave

#define IGNORE_RIP_TAG          /* undef to accept only IPIP routes (Route
Tag = 4)*/


Or, if you want to maintain the current behavior (probably safer):

#undef IGNORE_RIP_TAG           /* define to accept all RIP routes (Route
Tag = anything) */


Either way, having the line in config.h would have saved me days.


Hope that's help.








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