[nos-bbs] INP3 settings jnos

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Nov 2 21:51:18 EDT 2013

Hi Bob,

> How do I get that experimental INP3 stuff working in jnos

In your config.h file, use the following define :

    #define INP2011  /* New INP (read only for now) support (Sep2011) */

It's already present by default for the last few releases.

> and what are the settings needed ?

Presently, there are no settings. Just run the following :

    start inp

Now that you mention INP, there is one 'gotcha' that I just realized I
need to deal with. Part of this 'read only' INP implementation I wrote
has a timer that sends L3RTT frames to each of the INP neighbours. The
problem is that some of these neighbours (like my buddy Werner's BPQ
node) think I am trying to simply do a regular connect to them, and
this affects my forwarding with him. So there is a kludge in there
that says if the port name is 'vhf' then don't send L3RTT on it.

Honestly forgot that I did this back in Feb 2012, not sure how to
get around this, do I create a noINP list of all my neighbours that
can't handle INP ? I wasn't sure back then, because I still did not
100 percent understand some aspects of the INP stuff.

Mind you, nobody has said anything about this kludge yet ...


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