[nos-bbs] Doubt pack about starting my new jnos node

Miguel Bahi Cruz miguelbahi_cruz at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 2 08:59:59 EDT 2013

A new node is born in
node.eb5jeq.ampr.org  ( not ready 100% )

Hi,  the new node is up and running and I am give
it the last touches of  fine tuning, but
I have a pack of doubts about jnos.


-Why  the user commands nodes  and nrroute give me an error ( Logged as Sysop

-In the converse
server : 

I created the channel
133, but this channel  don’t have name, ¿
how I put channel name?

I s possible create
local channels ( only in my system ) and global channels ( for example Spain )?
How I can make this?

-Other think I want
use is two web ports : 1000 for  the “telnet”
web Acces , and 80 for put one “
custom landing web page”   in the wwwroot folder , file  root.html
I star one http service

start httpvnc 10000  , and it Works perfect.

But I try :  start http 80 , and they don’t works. 

The normal http web
page server  function is removed in jnos ?

In this case, I
install a apache web server in my host/bridge machine, but How I link the port
80 of the host machine, with port 80 of jnos? 

Making this :  start gate 80  ( address of host machine ) ?

-BPQ322 node : Jnos
as menu option . I Have a BPQ32 Ax25 node up and running. By the moment I want
that jnos access thru menu of my BPQ main swith ( for normal ax25 connections )
like this : 




¿ How I can make
this? And the opposite? Put the BPQ Access option in the main menu of jnos?

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