[nos-bbs] Sending a file (.csv)

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 13:46:38 EDT 2012

> As part of an exercise I am involved in, I am requested to "send" a
> .csv file through a BBS. I am awaiting clarification on just what send
> means, whether being send the contents of the .csv as the contents of
> a message or upload the file using the JNOS BBS's "upload" command.

Hi Brett,

I don't have my JNOS system running right now but the memories aren't
too foggy and I think I can give you a couple ideas that may help out.

If you're using an external EMail client, like Outlook or Thunderbird,
talking to JNOS - you should be able to just attach the file as any
email does.

If you're strictly using JNOS and running from the JNOS console, I
think there's an option to ...  (checking - didn't find it yet..
I'll keep checking...  but there's another option and here's a clip
from the jnos manual.

*** From the JNOS manual:

mailmsg  <to_addr> ["<subject>"] "msg";

      Mail a message to <to_addr> from <msguser>@<Hostname>.  <msguser>
can be set in the DOS environment (Set MSGUSER=<any_user_name>),
and defaults to "sysop" if not set in the environment.  <subject> is optional,
and must be quoted if it contains whitespace characters.  <msg> is either
a string to be placed in the body of the message (quoted if it contains white-
space characters) or the path to a file to be placed in the message body.  A
path must begin with forward or backward slashes, or a drive specification,
otherwise it is taken to be a <msg> string.  This command is available when
JNOS was compiled with MAILMSG #define'd.

      Example: mailmsg n5knx "don't forget!"  "replenish the Cardhu" at
                       0400 "mailmsg jpd at usl.edu /stats.out+"


Bill - WA7NWP

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