[nos-bbs] Sending a file (.csv)

Brett Friermood brett.friermood at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 19:51:56 EDT 2012

Hello all,

As part of an exercise I am involved in, I am requested to "send" a
.csv file through a BBS. I am awaiting clarification on just what send
means, whether being send the contents of the .csv as the contents of
a message or upload the file using the JNOS BBS's "upload" command.

I have done a little research and a couple attempts at both methods
and am still a little lost.

I first attempted to upload the file to the BBS using the upload
command. I sent "upload 10_names.csv" which is the name of the file
and got the proper "use /ex or cntrl-Z when finished and ^A aborts"
prompt as in the documentation. For me the documentation wasn't clear
on what to do at this point so I put the local path on my computer to
the file thinking it would be uploaded.

Of course I ended up with a file on the BBS, the contents being the
path on my computer to the original file.

My second attempt was to send a message with the contents being the
contents of the .csv file. I started to send a message to myself on
the BBS and got to the point of entering the message body. Thinking
using the command console would help, I left the session as is and hit
F10 to get the command console. I ran "upload *path_to_file*".
Watching the raw data my station did actually send the file through
the intermediate station I was going through and on to the BBS, but
where it ended up I'm not sure. Switching back to the message session
nothing had changed.

The remote BBS is running JNOS. I run JNOS locally inside a gnome
terminal in Ubuntu.

Can someone please try to explain in a little more detail how to use
the upload function?

My other question is how would I get the contents of a .csv file into
the body of a message without manually typing it?

Just guessing, it feels like I was halfway on the right path for both
methods, just not quite right.

Appreciate any help,
Brett KQ9N

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