[nos-bbs] Netrom Forwarding Question...

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 15 12:46:22 EDT 2012

I've been trying without success to get a netrom forward connect going
to one of my forwarding partners (jnos 2.i - linux).

Here's what I've tried: 

I would like to connect to  node, say W2XXX:BLAH to initiate a forward.
BLAH is in my nodes list. w2xxx-7 is his netrom call.

The block in my forward.bbs file looks like:
netrom BLAH
.c w2xxx-7

I've looked in my logs and there is never a connect during a forward
cycle -- the same is true looking for activity on the monitor screen. I
suspect I'm missing something really simple, but what? Other types of
forward connects work -- forwarding by connecting via axip link, etc.

This is sort of an academic question in that other types of forwarding
connects work -- I'm just wondering why I can't get this going <g>.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Jerome - VA7VV sysop at  VE7ASS-7:YVRASS

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