[nos-bbs] RIP

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Mar 30 23:19:23 EDT 2012


> In the opposite direction however (my jnos back to ucsd), the protocol
> shows ICMP and Destination unreachable (Port unreachable).

That's normal, the AMPRnet system does not expect or care for a response,
like I said all you need to do is receive the information. You should have
the following (all lines) configured in your JNOS 2.0 autoexec.nos :

  ip upstairs
  rip ttl 43200
  start rip
  rip accept

IF you are missing the new 'ip upstairs' command above, JNOS will NOT
recognize the RIP broadcasts, make sure the above commands ALL exist.

> and that something is blocking my return packets. I'm getting warm (I
> think). Still open to suggestions.

Nope, the return packets (if any) are not required. You just need to
receive the information which gets propogated into the route tables.


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