[nos-bbs] from Brett F - Setting up for basic radio.

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 01:16:15 EDT 2012

Hello Brett...

The listserver blocked your messages because of the size.  There still
may be somebody out there (I hope!!!) downloading these messages at
1200 baud with real TCP/IP on RF so we better not let them go through.

Note that each of the 3 messages was right around 3 megabytes.   Add
to that the magic of email where the messages are 7 bit encoded for
ASCI transmission and it might get another 50% larger.

I don't have selective control of what to do with the message so all I
can do is attach it here.

If you're varying the TXD between .25 and .5 seconds and it's not
making a difference, I'd wager that isn't your problem.  Most nodes
should work at .25 and it's very seldom any packet station is not
going to work at .3 seconds or greater.

Bill - WA7NWP

--- from Brett --

I did some more testing tonight. I tried connecting to a couple
different nodes and still nothing. So then I took some recordings of
my packets with another receiver. My apologies for the bad quality.
The static does not exist in my transmissions, just artifacts of

All three recordings are while trying to connect to a local network
node, WISS, by entering "c radio wiss" at the jnos command prompt.

The first recording is with normal settings and the following autoexec.nos:

    ax25 mycall KC9MWG

    attach asy ttyS0 - ax25 radio 4096 256 4800

    ifconfig radio description "vhf - 1200 baud port"
    param radio 2 256
    param radio 3 1
    param radio 5 0
    param radio TxDelay 25
    #ax25 bctext "my packet station"
    #ax25 bcinterval 1200
    #ax25 bc radio

    ax25 retries 3

    start ax25

For the second recording I changed the TxDelay to 50 in the autoexec file.

For the third recording I changed TxDelay back to 25, then changed the
internal tnc setting txd. Txd "Sets the length of time between the
radio PTT being activated, and the packet
audio being generated. Duration is in bytes, where each byte is about
7ms." from the TT4 manual. This setting defaults to 30, for the
recording I changed to 100.

I am attaching the recordings to this message, hopefully the list
won't remove them. My apologies to anyone whose inbox gets overwhelmed
with the ~6.5 Mb.

Again thanks for the help.

P.S. baudrate matched at 4800bps.

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