[nos-bbs] JNOS version numbers

Chris kc2rgw at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 18:48:22 EDT 2012

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 6:27 PM, Chris Maness <chris at chrismaness.com> wrote:
> It is too bad the Tomas Sailor stuff seems to be a bit on the stale
> side for Linux.  It looks like no development has occurred for a
> while.
> 73's de KQ6UP

It doesn't mean it doesn't work well.... never go by the last release
and assume it isn't working.

All I've really ever used regularly was 'soundmodem' on linux and it
works fine.  It may not have been extended to do all sorts of things,
but it does what it should just fine.

The plus side is, the source is open so it's there for anyone to take
and extend as they wish.

73  de Chris -- KC2RGW
˙dn ǝpıs ʇɥƃıɹ ɹoʇıuoɯ ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ
ǝsɐǝןd 'sıɥʇ ƃuıpɐǝɹ ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟı

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