[nos-bbs] How do I properly configure R: header usage in JNOS ?

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 19:38:51 EDT 2012

Even don't make your qth info too long be adding your province, etc


Don't make the "R" line too long otherwise the "BID" falls off or is
shortened at the end of the "R" line.
(Forwarding becomes a mess otherwise over the network)
So no things like "zipcode" and "fwdinfo" otherwise it will me too long.
(That is why they are hashed out below)  Qth as extra info is enough!
Too much info in there are the mistake made by the jnos/tnos forwarders
in the beginning.
See below..

mbox qth         "Hamilton"
mbox timer       3600
mbox tdisc       600
#mbox zipcode    "L9C1G1"
mbox nobid       off
mbox noB2F       va3tok ve2har ve3cgr ve3lhz ve3osr
mbox nrid        on
#mbox fwdinfo   "INTERNET<==> AMPR NET"
mbox header       on
mbox haddress    "VE3MCH.#SCON.ON.CAN.NOAM"
# expire old msg's etc
bulletin  check   yes
bulletin  date    yes
bulletin  loophold    1
bulletin  return      on



On 12-03-12 03:42 PM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
> A bit of a surprise question (coming from me that is)
> Is there a document anywhere that details how to *properly* setup
> all required autoexec.nos commands so that R: header usage is done
> correctly ? Hey, I'm a developer, not a sysop <sense of humour>.
> I have NEVER used the R: header system, I got into JNOS originally
> for the internet gateway and TCP/IP over RF side of things, never
> really did alot of *traditional* forwarding, mostly just direct to
> my F6FBB neighbour (to see if he wanted to go for coffee).
> Maiko
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