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Ray Quinn w6ray at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 1 10:28:24 EST 2012

On 12/1/2012 6:37 AM, Lakenet wrote:
> Using windows XP and JNOS I've never been able to get a USB to comm 
> adaptor to work. The attach statement needs an address and an irq. The 
> only thing I've found that JNOS will recognize is the old com1 to com4 
> addresses like 03f8. An XP computer using a USB to comm adaptor has an 
> 8 digit hex addresses. I've asked the list about this with no 
> response. I've concluded that JNOS is not sophisticated enough to 
> accept the non standard addresses. My solution was to find a xp 
> computer that has built in a com1 connector with the old standard 
> address. For Linux I also found a similar computer with build in com1 
> and everything works fine.
Which version of JNOS are you talking about? I am using 2.0j currently 
using two ports of an 8-port USB-Serial converter on a remote computer. 
The TNCs are located 37 miles away at 7500 feet elevation and the JNOS 
computer is across the room here in the shack. On the remote computer 
(also running IRLP and Echolink) I use remserial and /dev/ttyUSB0 
through USB7, with 0 and 1 for JNOS. The remaining ports are connected 
to other things at the repeater site.

In JNOS, I use for COM Port 1 ttyUSB0:

attach asy remserial0 - ax25 vhf 4096 256 9600

For the second port:

attach asy remserial1 - ax25 uhf 4096 256 9600

Note the port is neither 03f8 nor a hex address. If I wish to connect to 
one of the other ports on the converter, I simply fire up minicom on the 
remote computer and use /dev/ttyUSBx  or remserialx on another Linux 
computer for whichever port I need (where x is 2 through 7). It has been 
working for more than two winters.

I know this doesn't answer the original question. I believe I MAY also 
be using 8N1 instead of 7E1 in minicom.

Ray Quinn W6RAY
SJVBBS - Visalia, CA DM06ih

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