[nos-bbs] netrom alias - discussion on uppercase / lowercase

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu Sep 1 10:18:20 EDT 2011

Good luck getting all the authors of all the code out there together
to figure this one out. I have to agree with Bob, what a MESS ! With
that said, I'm just going to leave it alone - it ain't broke ...

> just discovered a JNOS bug: the JNOS seems to impose the
> same 'alias' [JNOS] to yours and mine systems, i.e.: JNOS:IR0JW-5

I'm not sure I would call it a bug. It's the default value assigned
to any call if one is not set. That was done well before my time, and
probably a better solution would be to not let people bring JNOS up
if any of the calls are not set. I will put that on my TODO list.

> and JNOS:VE4KLM-3 skipping the one setup on the 'autoexec.nos'

I've never had that problem. My 'netrom alias MBGATE' works fine,
and it has never been *skipped* with the default. That suggests to
me the command has not been entered, or is misspelled, or perhaps
not in the *right place* within the autoexec.nos file. Example :

  attach netrom
  netrom call VE4KLM-3
  netrom alias MBGATE
  netrom min 200
  netrom interface cal 250 n
  netrom interface vhf 220 n
  start netrom
  netrom bcnodes cal
  netrom bcnodes vhf

But this is perhaps a different problem, I see that on Jean's Xrouter my
node shows as 0i:VE4KLM-3 and on your Xnet router JNOS:VE4KLM-3. I am not
sending RIFS yet with this implementation, just the regular NODE broadcast
with only my station (non-verbose).

I wonder if Xnet expects the netrom broadcast to go to your netrom call 
and not the call NODES. I'm trying to remember if I ran into this years
ago when I first started playing with the INP stuff. I'll have to check,
thanks for bringing that to my attention.


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