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Don Moore donmoore at rogers.com
Fri Mar 25 17:17:25 EDT 2011

You should DMZ the jnos side of the lan.  
In other words if tun0 is set with on the linux side and on the jnos side of tun0 the you should DMZ
Also make sure the router's range includes the addresses you are using on there.
Hope that helps..

73, Don - ve3zda

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It is the most common "trap" Dave.

On 03/25/2011 03:44 PM, Don Moore wrote:
> Make sure you have DMZ to that computer's ip
Careful about the choice of IP.  The jnos-directed traffic needs to end up at 
jnos and not stop at the jnos platform host.  If you recall, Jay Nugent posted 
recently on this reflector to DMZ the jnos-end-IP of the tun device.  That IP is 
not the same as the host-eth0-IP.  It is the "virtual" thing to call jnos as 
"that computer"...

Right Don?

> address set in your router.
> Don - ve3zda
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> *From:* Russ WL7LP <wl7lp at yahoo.com>
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> well if funny that you bring that up about tun host and all. after further 
>testing it only pings itself and nothing outside the nos machine.
HHMMM  "itself"?
This is the virtual vocabulary trap.
Using the virtual host name "nos" as a computer then the Linux host needs it's 
own name -- let's say "hamgate"?
Certainly nos can ping nos and the time should be zero [mostly].
If nos can ping hamgate then the tun device is working just fine and the time 
should be really quick.
Then if nos can ping the router then the "forward switch" and routing [via a 
static entry and/or thru ARP] is working.
You have mail from ve1bf on the forward switch subject.
And so it goes toward the rest of the world...

Have you used "hop check ..." at all?

> so working on getting it to talk to the rest of the world.  the nos machine is 
>connected to my router and router is connected to the cable modem. so I got to 
>get it to go thru the router and out the cable modem.
> already been scratching my head and I grew up using Dos. now have less hair to 
>prove it due to all the scratching :-)
Could beer save hair?...:-)

> 73 Russ WL7LP
> --- On *Fri, 3/25/11, George [ham] VerDuin /<k8rra at ameritech.net>/* wrote:
>     From: George [ham] VerDuin <k8rra at ameritech.net>
>     Subject: Re: [nos-bbs] gateway
>     To: nos-bbs at tapr.org
>     Date: Friday, March 25, 2011, 6:56 AM
>     On 03/24/2011 03:47 PM, Russ WL7LP wrote:
>     > ok I finally got a new Linux system up (Slackware 9.1)  I
>     finally got a jnos compile. wow it is huge lol
>     >
>     Yup -- and that hugeness is much related to the symbols that make
>     gdb functional.  If you want to give up on gdb much can be
>     stripped to result in a smaller footprint.
>     > anyhow. I believe I now have Tun working in it. I can ping my
>     internet provider.
>     >
>     So does that mean that the [?tun ==> host ==> forward ==> gateway
>     ==> ISP ==> firewall ==> host ==> ?tun] chain is working for you?     Or do 
>you ping from the host?
>     > but can seem to ping anything else or connect to anything for
>     that matter. so I am still working on it and with luck will have
>     my gateway back up soon.
>     >
>     Perhaps the encap feature is not encapping?  Does the jnos "trace"
>     command(s) directed to a file shed light on your missing traffic?
>     > just want to let those know that are waiting and had or want a
>     route with me. bare with me  I am getting there slowly :-)
>     >
>     > 73 Russ WL7LP
>     >
>     >
>     There are a few wrinkles that jnos mounted on Linux [or any other
>     host OS for that matter] provides.  Anyone who grew up on a DOS
>     platform does not experience the "virtual" thing.  Takes a little
>     head scratching...?
>     Best of luck.
>     Skip
Hang in there -- it does work.

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