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Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
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But that's not the behavior I'm seeing.  See below.  I can ping and telnet
and whatever to the non-domain.txt hosts but mail doesn't go out to them.




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If it can't find the records by whatever means, mail will be sent to the the
smtp gateway.
(if defined in the autoexec.nos)


On 11-03-09 05:11 PM, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote: 

Can someone clarify the usage of the smtp gateway command?


The documentation says:   "Any mail sent to a host not in the domain.txt
file or not found via a nameserver query, will instead be sent to the
gateway for forwarding (if #define'd)."


For an OR statement to be true, only one of the inputs need to be true.   So
if mail is destined for a host which is NOT in domain.txt, then an smtp
gateway is required, EVEN IF the host IS found via a nameserver query.


If so, that would match the condition I'm seeing.  I don't currently have an
smtp gateway configured.  Messages to hosts in my domain.txt file go out,
but messages to hosts which are not in my domain.txt file sit in the smtp
queue and don't go out, even though those hosts are listed in DNS.  


If this is all true, then it seems like the second condition is meaningless
and should be removed from the text.  In other words, if the destination
host is not in domain.txt then the mail will be sent to the gateway for
forwarding.  If a gateway is not defined, then the messages will remain in
the queue.  Am I reading this wrong?








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