[nos-bbs] WW Converse Channels Across Systems

Charles Hargrove n2nov at arrl.net
Tue Mar 1 12:55:18 EST 2011

Here's an interesting observation:

Our default channel in NYC is 14736 when users log into the system.  We can
see each other when we type /who and can easily see other channels and users
around the world.  We can send messages to each local user with no problem.
Some of our users telnet into our port 3600 to participate in the chats.

Here's the weird thing - when I connect to one of our fowarding partners
and go into their CONV/CONF system I can see the 14736 channel and the NYC
based users on there when typing a /who.  I change over to that channel,
but there are no indications or messages being passed between the systems.
Also, the NYC system does not see the person who logged onto the channel
from a remote system.  Do we have any bad parameters that we should check?

Charles J. Hargrove - N2NOV
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