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Jay Nugent jjn at nuge.com
Wed Jun 1 14:41:41 EDT 2011

Greetings Michael,

On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote:

> What is the experience out there with allowing public telnet access to JNOS?
> And, if you do allow it on your machine, what security measures have you
> taken?

   Most all of the 22 or so "Hamgates" in Michigan allow inbound telnet
from the big "I" Internet.  Most of these same Hamgates include the
"univperm" settings, allowing ANYONE to log onto the JNOS application.  
This could of course be tightened by requiring EVERY user to establish a
UID/PW in advance, but that sooooo limits who can use your node.

univperm * /public 262203 
anonymous * /public 262203
guest * /public 262203

   In the many years that we did this during the 1990's and still today, I 
have yet to expereience a non-Ham ever causing a problem.  For that 
matter, they seem to be baffled by the JNOS prompt and in short order they 
simply disconnect.  Can't say as I have ever seen them send mail, or ping 
hosts, or ever cause a radio to be keyed up.

   So I'm pretty confident that the risk level is low.  And yes, I do 
browse my log on a daily basis for any annomalies.

      --- Jay  WB8TKL

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