[nos-bbs] JNOS with public telnet

George [ham] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Wed Jun 1 14:27:22 EDT 2011

Suffering attack seems to be a way of life now Michael.

On 06/01/2011 12:49 PM, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote:
> What is the experience out there with allowing public telnet access to 
> JNOS?  And, if you do allow it on your machine, what security measures 
> have you taken?
Seems like anything I present gets hit: telnet, ssh, http, ...  My wiki 
even had a few successful spam submissions when security was open.
I like DenyHosts a lot.  A low X means a few of my friends get to ask 
for me to re-open their stuff, but that is pretty low price to rest 
easily at night.  It seems to me I get fewer attempts when I change 
service ports around -- for example ssh moved from 22 to 4567.  It may 
not last, but the quiet is nice now.

Good luck and keep reading Linux Journal Paranoid Penguin column.

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