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Rob if you need some help contact me at
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Hi all,

Thanks very much for the info on the haddress.

I have a JNOS2 (h) version installed and running.  Now I'm having
issues connecting to my ampr.org IP address, or a user going through
my assigned 44 IP address.  I'm currently using the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
version Linux.  I can get it to work with the TNC and can login to the
system through the RF side and telnet on the Ubuntu system terminal

My question is whom would I want to connect to on the ampr network?
Is there a common system that would connect my jnos system to the ampr
network, or will I need to contact someone to get access to a system
on the ampr network?  I already have a IP address on the ampr.org
network, which is ak4gs.ampr.org.

Is there someone that I can contact to aid in helping me setup this to
the ampr network, or is there a nice document I can go by?  I have
searched the net and have been on the JNOS2 site.  I've went through
the JNOS2 manual.  Suppose my issue is I just don't know who or what
to connect to to get in the network.

Down here in TN, there isn't any systems of this nature around close
anyways.  So there isn't really anyone local that can help.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!




On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 5:03 PM, Jay Nugent <jjn at nuge.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> On Wed, 18 May 2011, Rob Curry wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm new to the group. I'm setting up JNOS2 on a Ubuntu 10.4 system
>> and ran across the 'haddress' option. My question is that this
>> address is a random address, like for a domain or an area? I know to
>> use the format of 'callsign.xxx.state.country.xxxx'. What is the best
>> way to configure the 'xxx' of the address? Does it pertain to my
>> area, or can it be really anything? I've seen some different names in
>> these fields on other JNOS systems.
>> Any help will be greatly appreciated. If this is posted elsewhere,
>> please let me know and please accept my appolgies.
> mbox qth "[Ypsilanti, MI]"
> mbox haddress "wb8tkl.#semi.mi.usa.noam"
> I follow the format:
> call_of_node.#quadrant_of_state.state.country.continent
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