[nos-bbs] netrom broadcast quality

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netrom interface [<iface> <quality> [n]]
Activate <iface> as a netrom interface. <quality> can be between 1 and 255. Interfaces are activated using verbose routes  broadcasting by default, meaning that they broadcast all known routes. This can be changed by adding the optional 'n' parameter to the command. Then only the system itself will be announced in a broadcast, not the known routes.
If the paclen of the interface is smaller then the netrom mtu + 20, then the netrom mtu will be set to paclen-20 . This is to avoid fragmentation, causing incompatibilities with non-JNOS based NetRom nodes. 
If <iface> has already been activated as a netrom interface, re-issuing the command will set <quality> and [n] to the new values. 'netrom interface' will show the currently active netrom interface.
Each time an interface is activated or changed, a broadcast poll will be sent out on the interface.  This minimizes the route discovery time at startup, and will update routes when the interface quality has changed.

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Subject: [nos-bbs] netrom broadcast quality

RE: Netrom Interface [<iface><quality> [n]]

Here are a couple of sample lines from an autoexec.nos file:

netrom interface abc 255 60 
netrom interface xyz 255 

....and here are the results of jnos> netrom int

Iface  Qual MinBcQual
abc    255    60
xyz    255    0

What is the significance of 255, 60 or no second entry? How is the Bc quality defined?


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