[nos-bbs] TNC Kiss Malfunction

Glenn Thomas glennt at gbis.com
Mon Jan 17 17:26:59 EST 2011

I had a not dissimilar problem with an MFJ-1270 in KISS mode. In my 
case, the TNC would reset some parameters to default without regard to 
what I had set. This was very annoying. MFJ at least addressed the 
problem but ultimately was unwilling to spend much time identifying and 
correcting the issue.

My solution was to replace the MFJ EEPROM in the TNC with a pure TAPR-II 
KISS EEPROM. That sacrificed the normal TNC capability, but since I was 
running JNOS, a pure KISS TNC was a "good thing".

73 de Glenn WB6W

On 1/17/2011 1:58 PM, jerome schatten wrote:
> I have seen that on my mfj-1278. There was a sequence of characters that
> would drop it right out of kiss. It happened so often that I replaced
> the 1278 with a 1270 and never had another problem. Mfj, of course never
> fixed the problem with rom upgrades that I know of.
> jerome - VA7VV

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