[nos-bbs] jnos2 forwarding problem...

ve1bf arto at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 7 19:46:45 EST 2011

ok two ideas ...one you have no new messages to 
send to him...but most likely an error in the forward.bbs
file...don't forget between all entrys you have to have
that -------- line...or else it won't work...
bbs entries that is ..
and one more idea..you can't just tell your system to send
bulls...you have to list the area's you want to send him
in your forward.bbs...you system is set up with areas...
hope that helps...73...Art
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Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2011 8:34 PM
Subject: [nos-bbs] jnos2 forwarding problem...

> Hi and HNY to all...
> I'm trying to get forwarding going with kd6oat with whom I have an axip
> link. The link works fine. Forwarding to other entities seem to work OK.
> All the bulletins I have to send to 'slcoat' are in my
> 'bulls' area. He has only one area and that is 'bulls'.
> This is what I see when I start a forward cycle to oat from the jnos
> prompt:
> jnos>
> jnos> mbox kick kd6oat
> fwd: kd6oat, script done
> jnos> mbox: fwd started
> fwd: kd6oat - checking for messages
> fwd: starting kd6oat (bulls,#1)
> That's it -- nothing more until I hit <CR> and then the jnos
> prompt reappears.
> ============================================================
> This is what the log shows of the above session:
> 15:44:09  - fwd: starting kd6oat (bulls,#1)
> 15:44:09  - MBOX (kd6oat) connected
> 15:44:09  - MBOX (kd6oat) fwd exit
> root at basement:~/jnosass/logs# 
> ============================================================
> This the oat's portion of my forward file:
> --------
> kd6oat 
> #ax25 utah kd6oat
> netrom slcoat
> .c kd6oat
> fwd_kd6oat
> bulls
> ---------------------
> ===============================================================
> There are over 100 bulletins in my 'bulls' area. It looks like the
> forward cycle is going to start with msg#1.
> Could this be a permissions problem on the far end?
> What else can I check? 
> BTW, I can't see any of the session on the F9 screen. It just flies by
> too fast. Looking at the times in the log, I can see that I do connect,
> and get booted out very quickly. I can't see any error messages,
> although there may be some.
> Thanks for any insight on this...
> Jerome 
> ve7ass/va7vv
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