[nos-bbs] xnet IP routing (internal, no SLIP required) figured it out

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Dec 20 16:06:24 EST 2011


I figured this out. I have Xnet and JNOS running on same linux box, and
want interaction via (AXUDP) between them. In the Xnet AUTOEXEC.NOS :

    # a.b.c.d is the JNOS side of tun link between JNOS and linux
    attach IP0 AXUDP 0 1 a.b.c.d

In the JNOS autoexec.nos :

    # a.b.c.e is the LINUX side of the tun link between JNOS and linux
    attach axudp xnet 256 a.b.c.e

I am able to connect from JNOS to Xnet no problem this way. No SLIP
interface required for local machine. Xnet binds to linux stack.


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