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Wm Lewis thunderft at hotmail.com
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Within your network, you can send messages directly to each other without using your gateway.
You just want to send them address more like this :
Where AB6CDE is the intended recipient and WX6YZ is the intended station within your network.
In this manner you want to avoid addressing messages in a form that looks like an internet email address.
Meaning you'd want to avoid addressing like this:
SP AB6CDE at WX6YZampr.org 
By addressing in the first manner, your rewrite file can and your forward.bbs file can work together to route your internal LAN/NETWORK messages around to each other and avoid internet email altogether.
In fact, your rewrite file can have rules to catch messages addressed to the second method, and rescan them as if they were addressed to the first method.
Doing this would seem to accomplish what you see (or what I believe you seek).
A rewrite rule something similar to this:
 *%*@wx6yz.ampr.org    $1 at wx6yz    r
or simply
 *%*@wx6yz.ampr.org    WX6YZ

(You'll have to excuse HOTMAIL for trying to turn those into links)
Keep in mind that you would also want those rules to be first in your rewrite file so they can be filtered into your LAN forwarding before any other rules. This would prevent further rules from sending them someplace unexpected.
After that, all other messages addressed to an internet address not in your LAN, you get passed over to your gateway to be sent onward.
I already do this for one station at the RF end of my LAN. If someone from the internet were to send him a message addressed to hiscallsign at hiscallsign.amor.org , that message does come into my gateway POSTFIX first, scanned for garbage, passed to my JNOS, then sent over RF to his station.
By the same token, if someone on my JNOS sends him a message ("SP hiscallsign") that message goes directly to him via RF, and never gets sent to my POSTFIX gateway.
I hope that helps.

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As I said, we have a network of JNOS systems with a gateway for mail to others.  The gateway uses Postfix.  But it doesn’t make sense to send everything to a gateway, when JNOS can talk directly to JNOS with a single hop.
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