[nos-bbs] Bulletins Issue - Additional

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Mon Dec 5 09:05:26 EST 2011

what do you have your smtp gateway set at Ray?
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Subject: [nos-bbs] Bulletins Issue - Additional

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> I am running JNOS 2.0i on CentOS Linux 5.7.
> I have noticed recently, probably after simply adding an area to my
> "rewrite" file; Every message, whether from forwarded bulletins, local
> messages, private messages, and even emails are placed in the
> /jnos/spool/mqueue directory as, for example, 12345.txt along with the
> accompanying *.lck and *.wrk files. No additions to the
> /jnos/spool/mail/area.txt files since 30 Nov 11, according to file time
> stamps.
> I have looked through my rewrite file for any anomalies and can find
> nothing. What, if anything, should I look for?
> Additional information:
> I tested by sending an email from my client to a user on the BBS and the
> message file is there as "user.txt" and I can read it. However, I logged
> into the BBS and sent a message to the same user and the message was not
> added to the file. JNOS did state that the message was queued. The message
> shows up as 14022.txt in the mqueue directory.The bulletins that are being
> forwarded to me are still ending up in this directory.
> Another question: How can I get the messages that are in the mqueue
> directory into the proper format, or into the BBS?
> 73 de Ray Quinn W6RAY
> Visalia, CA DM06
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