[nos-bbs] Newness after many months

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Wed Sep 15 12:23:33 EDT 2010


> *** glibc detected *** jnos2.0f21d: corrupted double-linked list

On June 17 of this year (check NOS-BBS archives) I posted a response to
a post from Don LaBrenz, reporting the same problem. Here it is below :

<<< original response >>>

   This means I am probably releasing memory that has already been
   released somewhere else in the software. Is it consistent, and is
   the JNOS software doing anything in particular when this happens ?

   There is a work around that MIGHT work, try the following :

   BEFORE you run your JNOS, set the environment variable MALLOC_CHECK_
   (note the trailing underscore character) to the value 0 (zero).

   For csh/tcsh, use :

     setenv MALLOC_CHECK_ 0

   or for sh, use :

     export MALLOC_CHECK_

   or for ksh/bash, use :

     export MALLOC_CHECK_=0

   See if that rids you of the errors. I still need to figure out why this
   is happening, but for now this may get rid of the problem.

<<< end of original response >>>

There are many threads on this topic on the web, just google :

    corrupted double-linked list suddenly

and go crazy reading about it. Apparently this is a new FEATURE of
the GLIBC to protect against crappy code ... As usual, some agree,
and some don't ... It's on my todo list, if the work around works
for you then great.

> If it happens a couple more times I'll look deeper.

I would suggest recompiling the JNOS to see if the problem goes
away, likely the linux update triggered this, I don't know.

> I did apply an update to the OS recently -- maybe a week(?) ago.

Recompile and see what happens, or do the work around for now.


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