[nos-bbs] Strange communication between nodes: JNOS and BPQ32

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Tue Sep 14 13:20:09 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I have been testing (in the home LAN) the interaction between a JNOS 
node and a BPQ32 node, as follows:

             _____________                ____________________
VHF        |MS DOS 5 comp|              |MS Windows 2000 comp|
TRX--TNC2--|  JNOS 1.11f | --- LAN ---  |     BPQ32 4.10f    |-- I'net
ant         -------------                --------------------
               R1:YT7M-1                      R3:YT7MPB-3

I have noticed that despite the fact that both nodes broadcast their 
node list to the network, only the BPQ node recognizes its neighboring 
node's alias, whereas the JNOS node misses to recognize the BPQ's alias, 
as follows:

R3:YT7MPB-3} Nodes:
c r1
R3:YT7MPB-3} Connected to R1:YT7M-1

Welcome yt7mpb,
to the YT7M-1 TCP/IP Server (JNOS 1.11f (80186)).
Currently 1 user.

Routes :
    Neighbour             Port  Qual Obs Dest Tries Retries Perc Irtt
 > ##temp:YT7MPB-3  (BPQ) fwd      0   6    1 6     0       100 % 60

Circuit  (##temp:YT7MPB-3 YT7MPB-3)   -> Idle


... as you can see, it seems that the JNOS node recognizes the callsign 
of its neighbor (that is YT7MPB-3), but not the alias (should be R1 and 
not ##temp).

Any solution?

Misko YT7MPB

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