[nos-bbs] bizarre - power spike, tnc kiss frame corruption, jnos crashes

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Sep 10 23:20:37 EDT 2010

This is just too bizarre, but rather interesting in the end ...

JNOS is humming along nicely, KISS tnc working fine.

I'm doing some rewiring in the basement, accidently touch BLACK to
WHITE and BANG, big flash, breaker on panel trips like it should,
my kid is hanging on the ceiling tiles with white knuckles :)

Looking at my JNOS logs a bit later, and I'm noticing JNOS crashes
each time something comes in on the KISS tnc - most bizarre thing.

After some debugging and head scratching, decide to power off the 
tnc, then power it on again (reset it). Everything is back to normal
all of a sudden. My JNOS system is on a different breaker than the
one that blew but the same panel of course.

After looking at the code, it would appear that if the *PORT* of
the incoming KISS frame is *corrupt* or not valid, JNOS does not
deal very well with that, resulting in constant crashing. I WILL
fix that, but I thought I would share this with others.

Guess the SPIKE or SURGE or whatever brought on by my little wiring 
blunder did a temporary number on the TNC, corrupting the header of
the kiss frames it was sending to JNOS. Thankfully resetting the TNC
has fixed the problem (this time anyways).

Just wierd !

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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