[nos-bbs] EDT vs EST change jnos 111f

Kerry Smith n3nxo at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 31 22:45:28 EDT 2010

Hello all,

Running some dos machines here with Ver 111f since it compiles 
smaller than the new 2.0 version.  Ran into an old friend that
came back to bite me.  The Change from Eastern Daylight to Eastern
Standard Time.  The code that i've got does the change per the old
rules of change.  If I recall, the old code pulls the time from 
the dos OS, "not sure".

Is there any changes that can be made to the source code that
can fix his problem, so that if I do a recompile, then the
nos program itself does the direction of change?

I know linux had a change, windows also had the change, but then
we are still talking the OS doing the change, not a program
running on the OS, such as jnos.

Kerry - n3nxo


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