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ve1fyi arto at ns.sympatico.ca
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Derek if I can help in anyway...email here is
arto at ns.sympatico.ca
and you can telnet to my jnos at ve1fyi.ampr.org
or ve1fyi.dyndns.org
glad you are up and running...73...Art
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Oops - I meant to send the below to the list, but it looks like Gmail
decided to send it only to Fish.

I'm up and running now and have found more questions to ask.  Thanks
everyone for their suggestions.


>> Also I noticed you use:
>> attach asy 0x3f8 - ax25 vhf 4096 256 9600
>> I used this:
>> attach asy 0x2F8 3 ax25 vhf 2048 256 9600
>> The "3" is supposed to be the comm port IRQ vector. I'm not sure what "-"
>> will do.
> Yep, setting that '-' to the correct IRQ (4) did the trick. Thanks
> for your help - and thanks to everyone else for their suggestions.
> Now that I have JNOS answering calls, I need to figure out how to get
> it to display a text file to users upon connecting via radio. I'm
> also wondering if I can make it perform certain actions when users
> connect, like automatically open a telnet session for them.
>> Finally, I and several other hams here in Santa Clara County, CA started 
>> out
>> with JNOS on Windows. We had many odd problems. Finally we bit the bullet
>> and started running JNOS for Linux. IMHO, Linux is far superior to 
>> Windows
>> for hosting an app like JNOS.
> I'd much rather be running this on Linux as well, but Windows is sadly
> the best OS at the moment for the box that I'm running JNOS on.
> Hopefully some day I'll be able to switch over.

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