[nos-bbs] JNOS, KPC3+, Windows XP

fish810 fish810 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 14:55:25 EDT 2010

Another thing to try:

do the "attach asy ..." BEFORE the "attach packet ..."

And also sprinkle a few "pause 1" commands around to insert delays.

Hope this helps.



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Sent: Tue, October 26, 2010 11:31:59 AM
Subject: Re: [nos-bbs] JNOS, KPC3+, Windows XP

Well that's why I used the word "may" :-) 

Also I noticed you use:

attach asy 0x3f8 - ax25 vhf 4096 256 9600

I used this:

attach asy 0x2F8 3 ax25 vhf 2048 256 9600

The "3" is supposed to be the comm port IRQ vector.  I'm not sure what "-" will 

Finally, I and several other hams here in Santa Clara County, CA started out 
with JNOS on Windows.  We had many odd problems.  Finally we bit the bullet and 
started running JNOS for Linux.  IMHO, Linux is far superior to Windows for 
hosting an app like JNOS.

Good luck.



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From: echicken <echicken at bbs.electronicchicken.com>
To: fish810 <fish810 at yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, October 26, 2010 9:49:14 AM
Subject: Re: SPAM: Re: [nos-bbs]Re: JNOS, KPC3+, Windows  XP

> Looks like you only start ax25 and telnet.  You may need to have smtp
> running too.
> start smtp

I do remember removing the "start smtp" line from my autoexec.nos
because I wasn't looking to run an smtp server.  Is it required for
some other functionality?  At any rate if I recall correctly I was
having this problem before I made that edit, but I will put it back
into my autoexec and give it a shot when I get home.  Thanks.


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