[nos-bbs] SPAM: Re: JNOS, KPC3+, Windows XP

echicken echicken at bbs.electronicchicken.com
Tue Oct 26 08:25:45 EDT 2010

> A simple stupid question. What you describe sounds very like what might
> happen if the TNC were NOT configured for KISS mode operation. Is it
> KISS or is the TNC set up as a normal terminal-mode TNC?

This was my first suspicion, so I did a full reset of my KPC3+, then
put it into KISS mode and reset it.  I've done this a few times during
my troubleshooting just to be sure.  If I connect to it with a serial
comms application now I can't do anything with it until I send the
sequence that takes it out of KISS mode, so I'm fairly confident that
this isn't the issue.

> If the distant station is receiving a successful connect message from
> the JNOS TNC, something is wrong because a KISS TNC will not, by itself,
> respond to anything on the radio side unless the computer (JNOS)
> commands it.

The connect message doesn't seem to be coming from the JNOS TNC.  This
is actually the only reason why I currently have "ax25 bbscall"
populated in my autoexec.nos - I wanted to see if the remote side
would respond to this callsign (which the remote TNC has no knowledge
of,) which it does.



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