[nos-bbs] Ubuntu 10.4 Server and JNOS anyone?

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 07:10:12 EDT 2010

I had this also with Ubuntu 10.4  and 2.0h but with ax25 forwarding from 
time to time
high CPU and frozen console.

Risk is also that an area in forwarding use can corrupt under these 



On 10-06-21 05:45 PM, Jim Smith wrote:
> Has anyone had success with Ubuntu and JNOS?
> I'm running Ubuntu 10.4 Server and JNOS 2.0h. Compiles with a lot of
> warnings, but it does finish. I used the Unix installer, swapping my
> compiled binary for the one supplied.
> It will run for about 10-14 hours, then the console freezes and CPU
> utilization goes to over 95% (normally less than 10%). JNOS is still
> responsive if I telnet into it, but the console is frozen. Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Jim N8AVX
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