[nos-bbs] Packet in the UK?

Angela Scholder - M1SCH / PE1BIV nos-bbs_mail at pe1biv.net
Sat Jun 5 10:36:28 EDT 2010

> I'm catching up with what has happened to packet in the UK since I was
> last involved way back in 1999-2000, if anything. Are there any
> AX.25/TCP/IP networks/nodes/switches/BBSs still operational? Where can I
> find up-to-date information on networks, key players etc?

No idea how much radio is still around, as I'm currently in NL.

But, at  least still active are:
GB7CIP, Paul is very active in keeping the BBS running.
Check http://www.theskywaves.net/ for more info.
Also an overview ob BBS' and forward links there.

GB7FCR, Trevor is still active in keeping the BBS running with also quite a
few users..

I'm pretty sure Paula still has the BBS and node running, but not seen any
bulletins from GB7PZT.

Other BBS' seen in the list of bulletins:

Rgs, 73, Angela

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