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> The URL http://jnoswiki.no-ip.org

> > I must have missed it.

I'm also one who totally mised all of this, simply due to JNOS, still 1.11f,
currently just running here and not getting an opportunity to checking out
JNOS 2, and as such also not really keeping up with all the messages.

I will add the link to my JNOS links.

One of my problems is that I'm currently can not do any compilations anyway,
as I first have to find my C++ 3.1 floppies in one of the still unopened
(for too long) moving boxes and then install it on one of my machines. Well,
that is if the floppies are still readable after all these years.
I guess I'll first will do some other hardware upgrades. At the moment the
BBS is running on the machine that also has the OptoSCC cards and on top of
DOS the combination just every now and then does run out of memory.
I still like the system with the OptoSCC cards, but it limits the hardware
to main boards with ISA slots. But, I still have a few up to P3-500.
I know there at least has been one PCI version of an SCC card, but I've
never seen one.

Rgs, 73, Angela

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