[nos-bbs] Using AMPRgw RIP updates with JNOS ...

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Mon Feb 22 12:44:50 EST 2010


> Why would I need your new module Maiko ?

Just sharing what I have found. You don't need to use it of course.

Maybe I should be specific. I have a static internet IP address, have
had that for years. My JNOS does all the encap, it's not done on the
linux side. I have the so called classical configuration from SLIP
days, which I then moved to TUN a few years ago.

If I use the RIP client 'as is', it won't work. All routes show the
'tun0' interface', and nothing is reachable. I felt I had to make the
modification for my system to be able to use them.

> I'm already receiving the RIP statements into my 20h JNOS build from the 
> normal IP dissemination. What benefit would I derive from accepting the
> multicast?

You must have a different configuration then (or do you) ? would you be
willing to share it with us (including any rip entries in autoexec.nos).

I've never used RIP up till now, so I'm still learning.


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