[nos-bbs] HOW TO use JNOS with an RMS Packet node + challenges

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Mon Aug 16 14:45:13 EDT 2010

Hi Bill,

> Did you handle the multiple recipients in a message issue ?

If there are more 2 or more 'To:' fields in any incoming B2F, the first
one is used as the 'main recipient' and the remaining are changed to 'Cc:'
for now. I don't have any other way to do it without *major* work. At least
that way people get their messages this time (they should).

> A nit - I'm not using TUN. It has a fit if I undef TUN in the config

Oops. I'll fix that.

> Another nit..   The config.h that we get with the rsync overwrites the
> local customized config.h.   Not sure what would be a good solution ...

Another Oops ! I've moved the file to config.h.default - actually I used
to have a config.h.ve4klm in prior releases, guess cause this is my dev
system that I sort of just forgot about it.

So, for any rsyncs where people don't have their own config.h, you will
now have to copy config.h.default to config.h - at some point, I'll mod
the makefile to do that for you if it detects there is no config.h. That
would work perfectly actually.

> Thanks again!

Thank you :)


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